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Radboud Castle is a castle that dates from 1288. It is the only remaining West Frisian fortress of Floris the Fifth. The collection consists of objects that illustrate the history of the building. The permanent exhibition sketches a picture of life in the Middle Ages and the history of Medemblik. For children there is a treasure hunt through the castle. Visit the website

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The engine whistles and the fireman shovels coal into the firebox. Wooden partitions creak, wheels sing and steam hisses. From the wooden 3rd class seats in your carriage you will experience a story from a different era. Between the historic “Zuiderzee” towns of Hoorn , Medemblik and Enkhuizen steamtrams meander from village to village across the Westfrisian countryside and an old-fashioned steamer with a fantastic saloon-deck sails along the coast of lake IJsselmeer.

Pay a visit to the Museum Steamtram and step on board for one of the most thrilling journeys through time. visit the website.

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In the historic center of Medemblik you will find the bakery museum “de oude bakkerij”. With the smell of fresh cake you literally taste the atmosphere of the past. The bakers demonstrate all facets of the craft of baking, while children can practice the old baker’s techniques. For the adults a feast of recognition for the children a feast of delicacies! Visit the website.

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What can you expect? Industrial steam engines of Dutch, German and British make and marine engines made in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our Lancashire boiler is a Dutch product. Around 100 days per year we are “under steam”, chiefly during school holidays. If you’ll visit us on one of the other days we can run some engines on compressed air, including the old boy of 1851. Visit the website.

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The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen brings stories of the people who once lived on the shores of the Zuiderzee to life. See, hear, feel, taste and smell everyday life round the Zuiderzee as it was before the Afsluitdijk (the great IJsselmeer Barrier Dam) turned the former inland sea into what we now know as the IJsselmeer, in 1932. The Zuiderzee Museum focuses on the history, current situation and future of the region. Themes such as water, crafts and communities occupy centre stage. These stories are visualized the Outdoor Museum with its historic buildings, and in the Indoor Museum through thematic exhibitions. Visit the website

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The 20th Century. A period in which our parents sat surrounded by orange and brown wallpaper around a fondue set, listening to ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA. In contrast, our grandparents decorated their living rooms with lace doilies and rubber plants. The Museum of the 20th Century (Het Museum van de 20e Eeuw) in Hoorn shows how daily life looked in the last century through hundreds of items. Visit the website

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The past has a lot to offer. Astonishment, recognition …. guidance. We can enjoy it, sometimes horror, but above learn from it. Know your history, determine your future.
The Westfries Museum preserves the past to be able to share it with you. This is our passion.
And not just a past. The museum tells the story of the most enervating period in the history of the Netherlands, Hoorn and Westfriesland: the Golden Age. With special attention to the VOC.

It is up to you how to experience that story. With the wind in your hair on our VOC-ship De Halve Maen, wearing VR-glasses virtually wandering around through Hoorn in 1650, or wonderfully strolling around through the monumental museum building and the great collection.
This is all possible in the Westfries Museum and on De Halve Maen. Visit the website.

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The Zaanse Schans is a residential area in which the 18th and 19th centuries are brought to life. Stroll past the bakery museum and enjoy the smell of fresh cookies, or take a look at the warehouse where clogs are made. You should be sure not to miss the cheese factory, pewter foundry and the various windmills. The Zaanse Schans is a unique part of the Netherlands, full of wooden houses, mills, barns and workshops. Make a cycling or sailing trip, browse the shops or treat yourself at the pancake restaurant. A day out at the Zaanse Schans in North Holland is fun and educational. Visit the website

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